Volume 28,Issue 3,2022 Table of Contents

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  2022,28(3) [Abstract]  [View PDF(114.69 K)]
Multi-layer dynamic and asymmetric convolutions
  LUO Chunjie (罗纯杰), ZHAN Jianfeng
  2022,28(3):227-236 [Abstract]  [View PDF(546.29 K)]
Feature mapping space and sample determination for person re-identification
  HOU Wei(侯巍), HU Zhentao, LIU Xianxing, SHI Changsen
  2022,28(3):237-246 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.31 M)]
Completed attention convolutional neural network for MRI image segmentation
  ZHANG Zhong(张重)*, LV Shijie*, LIU Shuang*, XIAO Baihua**
  2022,28(3):247-251 [Abstract]  [View PDF(637.98 K)]
Energy efficiency optimization of relay-assisted D2D two-way communications with SWIPT
  HE Jiai(何继爱), CHEN Yanjiao, WANG Tong
  2022,28(3):252-258 [Abstract]  [View PDF(741.50 K)]
Efficient and fair coin mixing for Bitcoin
  GONG Xunwu (龚循武)* **, HU Bin*, LIU Xiaodong*, ZHAO Xiaofang* ***
  2022,28(3):259-271 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.03 M)]
Deep learning based curb detection with Lidar
  WANG Xiaohua (王小华), LIAO Zhonghe, MA Pin, MIAO Zhonghua
  2022,28(3):272-279 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.60 M)]
Research on will-dimension SIFT algorithms for multi-attitude face recognition
  SHENG Wenshun (圣文顺)*, SUN Yanwen**, XU Liujing*
  2022,28(3):280-287 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.35 M)]
Deep learning-based time-varying channel estimation with basis expansion model for MIMO-OFDM system
  HU Bo (呼博), YANG Lihua, REN Lulu, NIE Qian
  2022,28(3):288-294 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.64 M)]
Multi-attention fusion and weighted class representation for few-shot classification
  ZHAO Wencang (赵文仓), QIN Wenqian, LI Ming
  2022,28(3):295-306 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.47 M)]
LDNet: structure-focused lane detection based on line deformation
  ZHANG Jun (张军)*, WANG Xingbin**, GUO Binglei*
  2022,28(3):307-316 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.56 M)]
Numerical investigation on damping coefficient of the integral squeeze film damper
  LI Geng(李耕), HE Lidong, JIA Xingyun, ZHANG Yipeng, WANG Jian
  2022,28(3):317-327 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.24 M)]
Analysis of force and leakage in water hydraulic motor’s piston pairs
  WANG Zhiqiang(王志强)* **, DAI Zejun*, LI Xinglin***, HE Wen**, GAO Dianrong****
  2022,28(3):328-336 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.07 M)]