Volume 28,Issue 2,2022 Table of Contents

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  2022,28(2) [Abstract]  [View PDF(45.93 K)]
Deep learning based Doppler frequency offset estimation for 5G-NR downlink in HSR scenario
  YANG Lihua(杨丽花)*, WANG Zenghao*, ZHANG Jie*, JIANG Ting**
  2022,28(2):115-121 [Abstract]  [View PDF(608.24 K)]
Directional nearest neighbor query method for specified geographical direction space based on Voronoi diagram
  LI Song(李松), SONG Shuang, HAO Xiaohong, ZHANG Liping
  2022,28(2):122-133 [Abstract]  [View PDF(590.16 K)]
A multispectral image compression and encryption algorithm based on tensor decomposition and chaos
  XU Dongdong(徐冬冬), DU Limin
  2022,28(2):134-144 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.77 M)]
Non-identical residual learning for image enhancement via dynamic multi-level perceptual loss
  HU Ruiguang(胡瑞光), HUANG Li
  2022,28(2):142-152 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.37 M)]
Time sequential influence maximization algorithm based on neighbor node influence
  CHEN Jing (陈晶)* ****, QI Ziyi* ** ***, LIU Mingxin****
  2022,28(2):153-163 [Abstract]  [View PDF(666.63 K)]
Task-adaptation graph network for few-shot learning
  ZHAO Wencang(赵文仓), LI Ming, QIN Wenqian
  2022,28(2):164-171 [Abstract]  [View PDF(782.83 K)]
Pseudo-label based semi-supervised learning in the distributed machine learning framework
  WANG Xiaoxi (王晓曦)*, WU Wenjun*, YANG Feng*, SI Pengbo*, ZHANG Xuanyi**, ZHANG Yanhua*
  2022,28(2):172-180 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.65 M)]
Gaussian-Student’s t mixture distribution PHD robust filtering algorithm based on variational Bayesian inference
  HU Zhentao(胡振涛)*, YANG Linlin*, HU Yumei**, YANG Shibo*
  2022,28(2):181-189 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1022.86 K)]
SAR image despeckling via Lp norm regularization
  HAN Chengde(韩成德)* **, CUI Yingzi** ***, HUANG Ying****, GUO Mingqiang* ** *****, LIU Zheng**, WU Liang**
  2022,28(2):190-196 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.13 M)]
Channel attention based wavelet cascaded network for image super-resolution
  CHEN Jian(陈健)*, HUANG Detian*, HUANG Weiqin**
  2022,28(2):197-207 [Abstract]  [View PDF(5.30 M)]
A correlation OPTS algorithm for reducing peak to average power ratio of FBMC-OQAM systems
  WANG Xing (王星)*, MA Tianming*, LI Fengrong**, ZHAO Qinghua*
  2022,28(2):208-216 [Abstract]  [View PDF(911.99 K)]
Analysis of fluid vibration transfer path and parameter sensitivity of swash plate axial piston pump
  ZHAO Jianhua(赵建华)* ** ***, WANG Xinwei*, LIU Hang*, PEI Youzhi*, YANG Yong*, WU Zhaohua*, WANG Jin*, XING Lanchun*, DU Guojun**
  2022,28(2):217-226 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.11 M)]